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Hatha Yoga
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Hallo Sonnenschein!

Schön dass du hier bist!  I’m so glad that you are curious enough to come visit me here.  My classes are taught in both German/English.  Although my classes are “Vinyasa Yoga,” I find that they are unique in that they integrate a variety of techniques from various traditions and methods which I have learned through my 12 years of practice from many respectable teachers around the world.  These days there are so many types of Yoga, and I feel that we can learn something useful from every tradition.   I often get a feel for the class and mood that day.  Some days we may “flow” more, others hold poses longer and break them down step by step, meditate longer or practice a more restorative practice.  My hope and goals is that you can use these techniques to take home and to help enrich your lives and journey.   I am compassionate and am love with what I do, so I hope that you  too can enjoy this with me!

Through times of change and uncertainty, particularly due to Corona, it is even more important that we together take good care of ourselves, show up every day, create positive change, and practicing yoga together.  That’s why I’m so so excited to share with you our new schedule with new classes!

Currently all classes will be held in the garden, and with bad weather at Vfb Rauenberg.  Please respect the 1.5 M abstand rules and if at the Vfb Rauenberg, wear a mask when entering and leaving the building.  (Mask is not needed on the mat) Thank you!

To get you motivated on your journey to health, for July/August all “Probestunde” classes are free and will be offering the following pricing:

5 Karte für 65 €

10 Karte für 115 €


VINYASA YOGA   18:00 – 19:15 Uhr und 19:45 – 21:00 Uhr


VINYASA YOGA   19:45 – 21:00 Uhr

I look forward to seeing you!

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