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Hatha Yoga
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Candace discovered yoga in 2008 when a good friend brought her to her first yoga class. As a dancer during childhood, she had developed an early love for expressing herself through movement. Through yoga, she was able to find the same kind of physical connection and freedom in a meditative art form. What also ignited this love connection was that it became the best therapy to address the bodily stress from her daily job as a healthcare practitioner and to help deal with the daily challenges of life.

Although Candace’s initial connection with the practice was more on a physical level, with time she learned the strength of the breath and its healing effects on the mind while being on the mat. It sparked a deeper study of life, meditation, pranayama and means of living more mindfully in a modern world.  Opening this door has kept her to always question a broad variety of Yoga methods.  As a dedicated teacher and student, it inspires her to never stop learning and growing.

 In 2013, Candace left her home in California to embark on a new life journey all the way across the world to Germany, where she continues to teach and practice Yoga. She believes in “teaching from the heart” and hopes that her work will provide a positive impact on how people feel and move on a daily basis. Candace encourages students to move from a place of self-love, honesty and focus, while incorporating lightheartedness into her teaching style. She creates a accessible practice for students, with particular focus on physical alignment and mindful movement. Classes provide the opportunity for students to find freedom to be curious, learn more about their bodies and to explore the power of the mind body connection.  Candace believes that this deeper connection opens the possibility of developing the tools to live a more fulfilled, balanced and beautiful life.

A 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), Candace is honored to have completed numerous teacher trainings, totaling over 1,000 hours of study. These included training at The Mount Madonna Center in California and with world-renowned teachers Jason Crandell, Maty Ezraty, Noah Maze and Stephanie Snyder. She is also certified in Pre-/Postnatal Yoga through Jane Austin and Aerial Yoga through Pik Chu Wong at The Yoga Studio in Campbell, California. Candace’s background includes a broad range of yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa.

When not on the mat, Candace enjoys the outdoors, creating less of an environmental footprint on this earth, learning new crafts and inspirations, and spending time with her husband and two children who continue to inspire her every day.



Mount Madonna Center Santa Cruz, CA USA
200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Pik Chu Wong at The Yoga Studio Campbell, CA USA
100 hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training


Maty Ezraty, Los Gatos, CA USA
25 hour Teacher Workshop

Stephanie Snyder, San Francisco, CA USA
300 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training

Jason Crandell, San Francisco, CA USA
50 hour Teacher Training

Maty Ezraty, Santa Monica, CA USA
100 hour Teacher Training

Jane Austin at Mama Tree Yoga, San Francisco, CA
45 hours Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

2015 -2016

Noah Maze, Berlin, Germany
300 hour Teacher Training


Jason Crandell, San Francisco, CA, USA
100 hour Teacher Training Module 1


Jason Crandell, San Francisco, CA, USA
100 hour Teacher Training Module 2


Jason Crandell, London, United Kingdom
100 hour Teacher Training Module 3