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Vinyasa class

Vinyasa Yoga

This dynamic class integrates the mind, body and breath. Postures and movements are linked together and synchronized with the rhythm of the breath. You will flow continuously through strong sequences of sun salutations and standing postures, while building strength and flexibility. This flow will help you move deeper into your body with the help of precise alignment work and will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, balanced and relaxed.

Hatha Yoga

This is a steady practice with focus on alignment and the holding of poses to help to build strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.  Mindfulness and observation of the breath and body are integral parts of this class.  This class is slower than a Vinyasa yoga class, can be challenging at times, but always accessible.  Hatha Yoga will cultivate a deeper connection to your body and breath, help you feel calm, balanced and focused. 

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Allow yourself to see the world in a whole different perspective. This therapeutic class will awaken and open your body. The aerial hammock is used as a prop to help support you in your traditional yoga poses and provides natural alignment adjustments, while creating strength and stability in your muscles. Inversions are more easily accessible to help with the release and decompression of the neck and spine. You may walk out taller, but most importantly feeling more energized, grounded, spacious and relaxed.

Pregnant belly

Prenatal Yoga

This class is made for our Mamas and provides the perfect opportunity to breath, stretch, strengthen and soften. Yoga poses are safely taught to help alleviate any discomforts during pregnancy. Joining the community of expecting Mama’s will help you feel well supported through your journey. Classes will help Mama’s feeling calm, empowered and better prepared for birth. No previous experience with yoga is necessary and all levels of fitness are welcome.

Private Classes

Candace offers private classes for new students and for those who want to take their yoga practice to a deeper level. Preparatory time will be given to students to help discuss personal goals, focus and expectations for the lesson. Private classes are available from 1-3 students. Please contact Candace for greater detail.

Candace teaching a business class

Business Classes

Are you looking to give your employees a treat or to boost their health and productivity? From special events, to weekly yoga classes, providing yoga to your business allows workers to feel more focused, motivated relaxed and more balanced in the work environment. Please contact Candace for more information.